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KANTU PERU TOURS is a family initiative that was born in early 2014 through the creation of a textile center in the district of Chinchero in Cusco, Peru. Our first objective was to have a space for the families in our community to exhibit the fine artistic beauty of Andean weavings, in this case the best of Chinchero, already known throughout Cusco and world-wide for their magnificent quality, as well as the opportunity to sell their goods on the market and generate some income for the people of these rural areas. A center where anyone can come to learn about the techniques, processes, materials, elaboration, the coloring and dyes, and final steps of this handmade art from the master weavers themselves. In addition, a cultural space that supports the recovery and preservation of ancestral traditions of Andean communities to be shared with the world.

Thanks to the overwhelming approval thus far and our evolving objective to share our culture with the rest of the world, Kantu Peru Tours is offering a greater experience for those visitors and pilgrims wishing to dive deeper into the mystery of the Andes. The recent developments have been realized by Ruben, an Andean mystic and licensed tour guide with many years of experience, and Edyy, a professional in business tourism and himself a passionate traveler. Both sons of expert weavers and heirs to a living culture that still conserves its unique traditions to this day.
KANTU PERU TOURS is a travel agency founded on the principle mission to make your visit to Peru the best experience of your life!

If you would love an opportunity to immerse yourself among a vibrant, living culture; to dive into the excitement of adventures through wild mountain landscapes; the enjoyment of a hands-on participation in the living traditions and customs of Andean people, then we invite you on a journey to Peru and its marvelous destinies: Machu Picchu, Cusco, Arequipa, Puno, and the Nazca Lines. To name of a few of the fantastic attractions that await you.

We have the best tours and excursions packed full of cultural activities, adventure, and direct contact experience with the diverse cultures of Peru. Join us to partake side by side in native customs, to walk in our shoes and learn about our lifestyle and traditions, to participate in ancestral rites that have the potential to make a positive impact on our lives… that and all that your imagination desires to discover in the Andes! Come and be a part of this unforgettable experience with Kantu Peru Tours!

We are fully authorized and accredited by the Ministry of External Business and Tourism of Peru (DIRCETUR) and comply with all requisites necessary for tourism services according to local and national government offices.


Since the creation of Kantu Peru Tours, our mission is to serve our clients first with the best information regarding the most popular destinations and tour services that Peru has to offer, of the highest quality and honest fare, complying with sustainable tourism initiatives, respect for our environment, assuring that your experience be extraordinary, meaningful and lasting.


To be the leading tour company in Peru through the formation and sale of tour packages that combine quality, fair prices, experience, and professionalism, in this way achieve the approval and satisfaction of our clients, building our company reputation as one apart from the rest, always remembering our original agreement and initiative to share our cultural wealth and the beauty of our natural and historical attractions of our region and of Peru.